Decoding Moving Services: Your Guide to Different Types of Relocation Helpers

When it's time to relocate, you might find yourself amid many options — from DIY moving to hiring professional movers. But did you know that professional moving services can be far more diverse than residential relocation? For instance, commercial moving is a category that offers tailored services for businesses. 

Our guide aims to help you navigate the various moving services available within the industry. Whether you're changing residential spaces, shifting your commercial setup, or looking for storage solutions, this guide will provide all the essential information to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Different Types of Moving Services

The moving industry has evolved over the years. When it comes time to move, whether locally or interstate, there are so many options that you may be paralyzed from making a choice.

We'll start by looking at the types of moving companies you may encounter and then move on to the services these companies provide.

Let's get started.

Types of Moving Companies by Category

Residential Moving Companies

Residential moving companies specialize in moving household goods. They are used when buying, selling, or moving because your lease has expired. Residential moving companies are the most common type of moving company.

Residential moving companies come in three different types.

Local Moving Companies

Local moving companies, also known as intrastate movers or local movers in the United States, help you move within a radius of 100 miles and charge an hourly rate. The hourly pay may be in the $40–$75 range. Costs for two workers could range from $80 to $130 per hour.

Local moving companies do not need a USDOT number to operate, but they must hold a state license because they are subject to the laws and regulations set forth by the state where they operate.

Check these things before hiring a local moving company:

  • Do they have the proper license?
  • There are no hidden costs in the estimate.
  • How reliable are they, and what is their track record?

Long Distance Moving Companies

Long-distance moves are those that exceed a 100-mile radius. A company that wants to move interstate or long distances must obtain a USDOT (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) number. It is illegal to do so. The cost of moving is based on your total weight and distance from your current location.

Your goods will be transported interstate. For this, the mover must be experienced with all the necessary operating licenses and permits. Companies with experience guarantee your luggage's safety and ensure it reaches home in perfect shape.

Checklist before signing the dotted line

  • No negative client feedback
  • All information on the website is accurate.
  • The contact address is correct.
  • No dubious past
  • Negotiations are open
  • Specialized items can be handled by those who are able.
  • Properly licensed

International Moving Companies

International moving is more difficult and time-consuming. You are not only sending your possessions to a different country but there are also new laws and obligations regarding customs that must be followed. It is best to hire a moving company that specializes in international moves. Transporting your household goods by air or sea is challenging and requires significant documentation.

Three factors are important in determining international moving costs:

  • Volume of shipment
  • Transport mode
  • Distance to the new location

You should always check the company's credentials before you hire them.

  • Compare the Quotes
  • Check out customer reviews.
  • Find out the services that are offered.
  • Confirm that international moving is possible.

Commercial Moving Companies

Commercial moving is much more expensive and complex than residential moving. Moving an office takes more planning and workers who are properly trained. Moving vehicles, special equipment, and cargo that can be valuable and sensitive is necessary. Commercial moving requires a company that can be trusted to handle sensitive data, such as employee records.

Moving can also affect the office's function, so it is important to complete the task as quickly as possible, preferably in the shortest time frame. Packing electronic equipment, such as computers or MFPs (multifunction printers), requires special packing techniques. It is best to leave the packing to professionals who are experienced.

Office moving is expensive due to its complexity. The final quote is expensive because specialized services will be involved. Moving an office costs $1.20 to $2.40 per square foot of the structure, and packing office supplies costs about $0.90 per square foot.

Moving Container Companies or You Pack-They-Drive

Moving containers are the latest innovation in the industry.

You ask, what are moving containers?

You've probably seen large metal containers with PODS written on them while driving. These containers are usually seen in driveways. These containers are on wheels.

The container can be filled at your speed. You can call the company once you're finished, and they will pick up your container and deliver it to your new home. The company is called You Pack They Drive.

The objects can be loaded and unloaded at your own pace. Only some things have to be finished in a single day.

The company will hold the container for you until you are ready. This is a great benefit if you store items while preparing your new home to move in. You don't need to move the items into a storage container and load them back up when you want them delivered. In a locked container, your items are safe and secure.

Auto Transportation Companies

Hire a professional moving company to move your vehicle across the country. When choosing one, make sure to check these points:

  • Experience
  • Trustworthiness
  • Professionalism
  • Affordability

You need not be concerned about the condition of your car as it will arrive in perfect shape. Check these points before you hand over your car to be transported.

  • Tires fully inflated
  • No leaks
  • The car battery has been fully charged.
  • The papers are perfect.

Specialty Moving Companies

Moving companies that specialize in unique or special items. Art, pianos, antiques, and pets are all examples of items that require special care. These moving companies should handle anything that needs special care and attention during relocation.

Here is a list of some Specialty Moving Companies

Small Moves Moving Companies

This new moving firm category has become more popular in recent years. You'll often find yourself in a situation where you need to move a few small items.

You bought a couch set online and want it delivered to your home. Your child is going to college and would like to take the bedroom set they have with them. Moving to a new place, you only have a couple of boxes and a mattress to bring.

If your load is too large for FedEx and UPS but too small for the moving company, you must hire someone specializing in small moves to ship it.

Types of Moving Services and Moving Companies 

Full-Service Moving Services

It is also known as the “white-glove” moving service. These companies handle the whole process from beginning to end. The stress of finding the right truck, calculating how much luggage you have, unloading and loading it, and then storing everything in your new house is eliminated. You can sit back, relax, and let the professionals handle everything.

Many participants in the moving industry provide a variety of services. Keep in mind that not all businesses provide the same services. To decide which company's services are best for you, you should contrast them.

Ask for a list of services if you consider hiring a full-service moving company. This will allow you to know what they cover and don't. Compare a few full-service moving companies. You will then know what to expect on a moving day.

Partial Moving Services

As the name implies, partial moving companies will assist you in the various tasks involved in moving. You can do some moving tasks yourself and hire professionals for others.

Here are some tasks that you can outsource

Moving Labor Services: Loading & Unloading Assistance

Consider hiring professional help to load and unload your vehicle. You decide to pack all household items yourself. You can always ask your friends for assistance. It's all right!

How do you load the truck?

Moving labor companies could be your answer. They are experts at loading and unloading items and can help if you want to avoid lifting heavy furniture. They can complete the job in a short time.

Remember that their services are limited to loading and unloading. Renting a truck and driving it yourself is still required. You'll also need someone to unload your truck at the destination.

Packing Services

A packing service is a good option if you need more time or want to hire a professional.

Professional packing services can assist you in wrapping your items and can also help with the selection of the appropriate moving and packing materials. This is because of the high-quality packing materials and the special attention given to each item to avoid any damage while in transit.

Professional packers can do all the work for you. Instead of spending hours searching for boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc., and wrapping kitchenware and pantry items yourself, let them handle everything.

All of this comes at a price. Check the pricing for packing services.

Moving Services You Pack-They Drive

This type of moving service is best demonstrated by moving using moving containers. Portable moving containers are new to the moving industry. A portable moving container has recently been introduced, a major departure from the traditional style.

Unlike the traditional way of moving, you don't have to rent a truck. You rent a moving container from a company that offers this service. 

You call the company to pick up your luggage and deliver it to the destination. You Pack, They Drive. Because of its affordability and ease, it is growing in popularity.

If you choose this option, you can also select the loading and unloading option. This will help you to load your container. Compare prices with full-service movers to ensure you get the best deal.

Special Items Moving Services

In most homes, there will be items that need special handling. These items will have sentiments attached. You want them to be handled equally, unprofessionally, and carelessly.

Such belongings can be moved into your new house by using a moving company that you might employ. Professionals are available to move delicate items. Although they may charge a lot, emotions are worth more than money.

Special items include:

  • Piano, guitar, and other musical instruments
  • Art and Paintings
  • Antique pieces
  • Idols, statues
  • Special Gifts
  • Glassware
  • Crockery
  • Book
  • The Aquarium with Fish

Truck Rental Services

The budget is tight, and you don't need to move much. It is overkill to hire a full-service mover.

What are you doing?

It is beneficial to rent a moving truck.

Although this option may be cost-effective (especially for local moves), you will still have to handle all the moving chores. You and your family will be responsible for all the packing, unpacking, and loading. You only get a truck.

After reading this, decide which moving option is best for you.


In wrapping up, understanding the different types of moving services can significantly simplify your relocation process. Whether you're looking for professional residential movers, commercial moving experts, or flexible moving and storage services, knowing what each service entails is crucial. However, the quality of the service you receive ultimately depends on the moving company you choose. 

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