Exclusive Resorts Costa Rica

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Costa Rica has quickly become a top vacation location for people around the world. The reason is quite simple – it is a tropical paradise through and through. Moreover, the exclusive resorts in Costa Rica are among the most luxurious in the world. We, at PEXS, do all the fieldwork for you, so you don’t have to.

Beautiful housing resorts and luxurious rentals

Costa Rica is a land where nature thrives unbridled and untainted. Everyone ensures to preserve the natural habitat of the wildlife and to keep Costa Rica beautiful. Going on vacation here means you have to choose a rental property, and the ones on Peninsula Papagayo are the most popular.

Not only do they offer excellent conditions, comfort, and luxurious environment, but they also have many outdoor activities that you’ll love. You can play tennis, golf, go on fishing or fire up a BBQ. Anything you want, the resort will provide, and if it doesn’t, we will step in and make all your dreams come true. Our concierge services are top-notch, and we have always provided the best quality products to our clients.

What are the best resorts in Costa Rica?

Regarding housing and hotel lifestyle, Costa Rica’s Peninsula Papagayo is renowned throughout the world. Tourists come and go each year, and the exclusive resorts in Costa Rica upgrade their services constantly to meet everyone’s expectations. Start your vacation excellently by using our services to find the perfect rental location.

Costa Rica has many beautiful resorts available. We recommend the following locations:

  • Peninsula Papagayo
  • Las Catalinas
  • Playa Hermosa
  • Playas del Cocos
  • Playa Coyote
  • Santa Teresa
  • Nicaragua

Is Costa Rica a good vacation destination?

Statistically, Costa Rica is among the most popular seaside destinations in the world, a tropical paradise that people love. Moreover, the luxurious resorts in the country provide 5-star living conditions to their clients and comfortable settings. The views are absolutely superb, and exploring Costa Rica is an adventure in itself.

We can organize a private excursion and take you on a sight-seeing tour around the country. We can show you the landscapes, the hallmarks of Peninsula Papagayo, and go on cruises around the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, our concierge services are excellent for provisions and other products of top quality.

Hospitability and comfort in Costa Rica

While there are certain differences between the many exclusive resorts in Costa Rica, they have on resemblance – the dedication towards comfort and hospitability. They strive to make your vacation a living paradise, and generally, they succeed with no errors on their part.

Contact PEXS, and we will manage your vacation from day one. Forget about all the details as we handpick the best outdoor activities for you, take you on trips around the country, and send provisions right to your hotel door. Once you choose a resort and check-in at arrival, we will take over all your responsibilities. Your happiness and satisfaction is our mission, and we strive to fulfill it perfectly.

Exclusive Resorts Costa Rica

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