Garage Overhead Storage

garage storage Garages are rightfully the messiest rooms in our homes because they have so much leftover space for all our extra items. Most people try to bring some decency to the room by organizing things into piles or cartons, but they always end up redoing it over and over again. The garage space has a limited parking zone, and you need structures that can help you make the most of what is left.

It is time to choose a garage overhead storage unit and an installer to ensure it is stellar and safe. The storage unit should be reasonably sizeable and have the right build to withstand the most burdensome weights and limits. Let’s look at what makes up safe and lasting storage.

Things that make a great garage storage unit

Safety of the unit and installation

It is rational and normal to fear that the storage unit could collapse on your car or floor and cause harm and damage to your property or yourself. How can you ensure it is safe?

The first way is to choose an installer that will stick to the recommended specifications for your kind of garage and only add weights that are safe and have limited liabilities. This case means the rack should support the total recommended weight and have fastened interconnections of bolts, joists, and bends on all areas. We know what goes into choosing the right one for your storage units and would be happy to work with you so we can include your opinions.

Location of the overhead garage storage

What is the best location for the overhead garage storage unit? Some units have more versatility, so you can install them on the wall and ceilings, while others have specific installation spots. Check out the following information of typical areas you should install a garage storage unit:

  • Installing the unit on the ceiling so you can keep the items out the way and create more space on the ground level
  • Installing it on the wall, especially when you want fast and easy access
  • Customizing the installation area so you can match the distinct layout and structure of the garage

Note that A Rack Above has versatile storage choices that will suit your design, so do not stress about remodeling your garage so you can get a ceiling or wall mount.

How do we ensure the safety of the storage unit

Use heavy steel and hire professional installers

A heavy and robust steel unit will not cave in as quickly as a weaker and thinner one. It makes sense to use one with a higher gauge to store more items and ensure the unit’s durability for longer. This stage is where a professional installer comes in handy because we know which brands have the thickest metals and secure them for a firm attachment.

Overhead storage units have detailed specifications and a complex assembly process, so it is best to work with a team that will ensure everything is exquisitely excellent from the start to the end of the project. Call +1-407-4741-214 today for more information and pricing details.


Garage Overhead Storage