Professional Cleaning Supplies

Need a new supplier of professional cleaning supplies? First, tell us what it is you need to clean. We can recommend a safe and effective, non corrosive product that is guaranteed to do the trick. We’re in Los Angeles, but we can pack and ship to almost everywhere. Ordering from this site is safe and encrypted.

A professional cleaner knows the tricks of the trade. Someone who cleans for a living gets to know the tools and techniques that will make quick work of the task at hand. They understand efficiency and can clean a space in much less time than someone who only does cleaning when they absolutely have to. The tools employed by a professional cleaner are generally superior to the tools owned by the typical weekend cleaner. Professional cleaning supplies are some of the most valuable tools found in the cleaning arsenal utilized by a professional in the cleaning industry. Does it really matter which sort of industrial cleaning supplies you buy and use? Yes, it really does. Not all cleaners are made to be as safe and non corrosive as CMI professional cleaning supplies.

While it may be tempting to buy and use a cheaper product, we hope you will consider our catalog of water based, non toxic, non VOC chemical blends that can do a superior job of cleaning hard surfaces, food prep facilities and precision equipment. Anyone given the job of procuring cleaning supplies needs to know that not all professional cleaning supplies are equal. Many cleansers are toxic. Use caution when selecting your professional cleansing products. Call on Chemical Manufacturers Incorporated. Tell us about the sort of facility you operate and the types of equipment and hard surfaces contained therein. Tell us about the equipment and surfaces you intend to clean.