Lighting up your New Home: Tips on Setting up Utilities Before the Big Move

Moving into a new residence can be a thrilling adventure, but it does come with its fair share of tedious tasks. One of the most important tasks often overlooked is setting up utilities. Simply dialing up the relocation services is not enough; there is more to it. 

This guide has covered all aspects of this process to help you navigate this task smoothly and efficiently. So, whether you've opted for professional relocation services or going at it solo, you'll find our tips helpful and enlightening. With it, you're assured of having your new home functional and well-lit even before you unpack the first box.

Install Utilities Before Moving into Your New Home

To be sure, moving to a new house involves more than just logistics. You may need to switch utility providers if you move to another state, city, or country. Ensure you have running water, electricity, and lights in your home until you move out. After all, you want unpacking to be a breeze! How can you do that? Before you move, we've provided step-by-step instructions on how to install utilities in your new house. You'll need to make a few phone calls, but it is manageable.

What Utilities Are Under Your Jurisdiction?

Rent in apartment buildings, condominiums, and cooperatives usually includes certain utilities. Check to see if you have to pay for the following:

  • Electricity
  • Water/Sewer
  • Natural Gas
  • Trash
  • Internet, Cable, and Phone
  • Security System

Find out your options once you decide which utilities you want to install. The city usually sets water and sewer rates. You may find a better deal on internet and cable services.

Tell Your Current Utility Companies

Inform your utility companies of your move date. Water or electricity might be kept on during your move. It's important to establish a move-out date in this case so that you're not held responsible for any charges that occur after that date. Please let them know your new address so they can close your account and send you a final bill.

Find Local Providers

Before researching providers of the services you require, talk with your landlord. Apartment complexes often have agreements with service providers who provide discounted rates due to being “preferred providers.” You can start by researching your area's services if you are still seeking an agreement. A quick internet search lets you get a quick overview of the rates, fees, and reviews. Internet and cable are the most popular services, but natural gas and electricity will likely have fewer options. Find out which companies offer the best customer service. It can be a huge difference if you need to fix something!

Get All the Information That You Need

You'll have to give the service provider a lot of information to create a new account. Name, new address, and Social Security Number. Some companies may use these details to run a credit report to assess your risk. You can still receive service even if you have a less-than-perfect credit rating. Just be prepared to make a bigger deposit to compensate for their perceived risk.

Set Up Your Start Date With the Provider

Each service, such as electricity, internet, and natural gas, will have its setup process. Electricity is a simple process that you can do over the phone. However, a technician must come to your house to activate natural gas at your home. Internet, TV, and phone can be combined, but a technician must install them all. Online accounts for electricity and garbage can be created easily.

Schedule these appointments at least two weeks in advance. This should be plenty of time, but I only get caught with gas because all the technicians are booked. Confirming with your moving company two weeks before moving day can be a good idea. Confirm your movers' arrival time, parking location, and any additional services you may need.


Ensuring all the utilities are set up before moving into your new home can make the relocation process much smoother and more enjoyable. With the help of this guide, you can achieve a hassle-free moving experience. Take the time to inform your current utility companies, find the best local providers, set up your accounts, and schedule installation dates well in advance. 

Moving doesn't always have to be stressful; it can be an exciting new start with the right preparation. Above all, remember to seek the help of professionals if things get too overwhelming. Partnering with a reliable moving company such as Abreu Movers Brooklyn can offer you peace of mind with moving your precious items and setting up utilities in your new home. 

For professional assistance, feel free to contact Abreu Movers Brooklyn and make your move successful! Hop on the train for hassle-free moving now!

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