How Much To Tip Movers Long Distance In Bronx?

Are you packed and ready to move? If you're planning to move and employ a moving company during the year, it's a given that you'll encounter a typical dilemma: How much do you pay these companies? Furthermore, how much should I tip movers? What should be the appropriate tip amount? After a long and exhausting moving day, figuring out how much you should tip is not something you'd like to worry about, so it is ideal that you plan ahead.

Like all types of tipping, being ready to tip your movers before the time will put you and your worker in good standing.

You should feel comfortable when you tip your moving crews regardless of whether it's to tip long-distance movers or tip local movers. The person you hire to book your move will likely have information about their tipping policy.

However, if they don't, it's better to inquire. Although tipping movers is almost always permitted by a business and is generally thought to be a proper manner of conducting business, be sure to confirm with your mover–either before you make the booking, through your contract, on their website, or privately asking the foreman at the time of the move to find out whether they have a tips policy or guidelines.

Importance of Tipping movers

Considering the mover's commendable efforts, hard work, level of satisfaction, successful relocation experience, professional attitude, and rendering of quality services, it is important to tip local or long-distance movers for a few reasons.

First, they are typically working very hard to move your belongings from one place to another. This can be a physically and mentally exhausting job, so it is important to show your appreciation for their efforts. Second, tipping helps ensure Quality of Service, Outstanding Service, or even extra service, thus, leaving the movers to take more good care of your belongings. Finally, tipping also shows that you are grateful for the services that the movers have provided. These factors, together, make it clear that tipping long-distance movers are both common courtesy and good business sense.

Regardless of whether it's for local moves or long-distance moves, it could be beneficial on your end to tip movers.

This is also to say that a secured transit to a new location of your belongings would also mean that you can save money by avoiding any unwanted damage.

How much should you tip long-distance movers?

A good guideline for an ideal tipping etiquette or as a standard tip should be 15-20 percent of the total move cost for the long-haul and a local move. For instance, if you're moving the contents of an apartment with four bedrooms over a long distance, with a total cost of $3,000, it is recommended to give the movers $450-$600 to be divided between the number of individual movers.

Remember that the crew team helping you leave your previous home could be different from the other team who will assist you when you arrive at your new location, especially in moving a considerable distance. Therefore, you should ensure that you give each team a separate tip amount. In that case, you could give half of the total tip to each team. For example, in a $3,000 move, you'll have to give the two team between $225 to $300 each.

The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) proclaimed that the cost of moving for an interstate move is approximately $4,300. Therefore, you'll have to do the math when you decide to award the cross country movers with tips that are around 20%. To earn these incredible tips, your movers need to be superhuman or some other thing!

Furthermore, the tipping process for longer-distance moves can be much more difficult because you might have the services of two sets of movers: 1) the movers who take the load from your home and) moving movers that actually take their truck around the country to your new residence and then unload your pieces of stuff at your new home.

Sometimes, only one team of professional movers can complete an entire long-distance move. So, what should you do? It is best to contact the principal office of the moving firm and learn how many teams will be responsible for your move – maybe one or two.

Question: How much should you tip movers when you make an extended distance trip?

Do not bother with percentage-based tipping. Instead, follow the universal tipping method above. An acceptable amount to give long-distance movers is around $5/hour per mover if they perform an excellent job. Or, you could increase the tip to $40 per day per mover. Naturally, you may consider adding a little more money if you can afford it and are happy with their service.


What should you consider when deciding the amount to pay the movers?

So how do you determine the final tip you'll leave at the end of the day? Especially on long-distance moving.

Naturally, you want to believe that you've received excellent service; however other factors could affect the amount you give your moving company:

The complexity of the move

How large were your home and the pieces of stuff you should move? How long will the travel take? How do the crew of packers or additional crews and movers handle it? What is the number of stairs/levels within your house? How many heavy items, bulky items, antique items, or awkward furniture do you have? How long did the entire move from beginning to end took? If these answers indicated that your moving was tough, you should plan to make tipping towards the top of the scale.

Qualitative of service

Did the crew of movers arrive at the right time? Did they show respect? Did they handle the items with care, making sure they wrapped fragile items? If you're satisfied with the overall quality of your move, show your appreciation by giving them a good tip.

Final move cost

Do you have to pay for packing services as well as moving? Did your entire possessions fit into one vehicle, or was an additional truck required? These costs are incorporated into the final cost of moving and should include how much you give your movers. This should be a proportion of your total bill for the moving company.

Other Considerations

Do Cash Tips (Tip in cash)

Tipping crew in person in cash is always preferred. “Generally, you'll know in advance of the day of moving, so go to the ATM to get some fresh bills, then put your gratuity into an envelope,” says Daniel Post, representative of Emily Post Institute. This can be way more convenient for both you and the crew members.

Moving during coronavirus could require different methods

Ask the foreman mover whether the movers utilize the digital payment app (such as Venmo or Zelle) to prevent transmitting the virus via cash exchange. If they don't have any, however, ensure your cash reserves are sufficient to pay the tip of your movers by placing it in an envelope for a few days before moving day can assist in stopping any possible transmission of the virus.


Alternative ways for you to express gratitude

As well as giving your movers a tip in addition, you can demonstrate to your movers how much you value their work in different ways. An example could be, giving the crew lunch (or Cash stipend), offering bottled water, cold drinking water, or drinks such as Non-Alcoholic drink, refreshing drinks, sports drinks, hot chocolate, verbal assurance, etc.

You could also consider offering them some of your furniture or household items you may not want to move to your new house.

Another method of showing kindness to your moving company

Point the bathroom they can make use of when they arrive, it could be uncomfortable for movers to enter the home of a stranger and need to request the use of the bathroom.


Tipping professional movers is only a common practice and a gratuitous gesture, and you don't even need to bother as to how much to tip movers since no one is required to do it. But, giving a considerable or an appropriate amount to your moving team would bring you a variety of benefits. To name, quality service and utmost care due to the increased morale of the moving crew, surpass your expectations or render additional services out of their regular service routine just to achieve your main purpose, and help you avoid any unwanted damage to your items.

Further, tipping a moving company on top of the regular service charge for the service provided will also allow the moving industry to prosper in general. Thus, giving them an opportunity for further growth and assured quality of service to clients.

Lastly, the most effective way to express appreciation is to thank everyone who has helped you during your long-distance move. Don't underestimate the impact of your voice, smile, and sincere gratitude. It is also ideal that you note a job well done by naming the people who were able to show extra care in helping to smoothen your move and to their crew supervisor or company that is moving your things. Complimenting a worker to their employer is among the best ways to recognize the mover for their work.

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