Moving a Fish Tank to Another Home

Moving your fish tank can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Now that you're ready to relocate across the country and want a new home for your much-loved fish as well as yourself, we'll take the guesswork out of how best to transport them with these simple steps!

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To begin, drain some of the aquarium's water so that your fish can travel in it. For them to not be shocked, it's vital to keep the fish in the same water. A mixture of tank water and distilled water is fine for less sensitive freshwater fish, but you must always use saltwater in marine aquariums. You can put your fish in a clean, never-before-used pail or plastic bag; leave room for air to circulate. Make sure you know which fish are in which bucket. Fish that are usually picked on by aggressive species should be kept away from them.


Drain the remaining water into clean buckets. If possible, bring this water with you if your tank uses saltwater. By doing this, you can return your fish to the tank in a shorter time. To prevent harm to invertebrates and microorganisms, make sure all live rock and live sand stay in the water.


Third, store any water filtering mechanism, pumps, and heaters in your tank. If you are moving locally, you can place your filter medium in a sealed pail and reinstall it at your new house. Start over with a new filter if you are moving long distances.


Once your tank is disassembled, wrap it carefully. Here is an excellent opportunity to clean the aquarium in preparation for its move. Please do not use the moving company's provided blankets for wrapping fish tank equipment as they will likely become wet and sandy. It is best to place the pails with fish, live rock, and living sand in places they will not be jostled or hit by falling objects.


Setting up your new tank is the last step. Once the tank is set up, you can put the fish back. While you're waiting for your fish tank to be ready, please keep them in a pail with adequate filtration and heating. Put the filters and heating system back together. If you can, introduce water to the tank and let the tank cycle for a few days. Before returning your fish to the tank, make sure that your rock work has settled permanently in place. A tank with unstable rock work can kill fish and invertebrates.

These tips should make moving your fish tank easier for you. Call Abreu Movers for a free moving estimate for any moving service needs at an affordable price.


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