Plastic Wrap Hacks When Moving

Are you looking for ways to make your upcoming move easier? We've got some great ideas! Here are five surprising and helpful hacks you can use with the surprisingly simple but overwhelmingly helpful household item – saran wrap. The beauty of plastic is that while it sticks to itself, it won't leave a sticky residue or destroy the paint job on furniture like tape will.

Containing Your Silverware

By lining your utensils and utensil holder with saran wrap, you can keep all the cutlery safe and sound in one place. Ideally, you should remove it from its drawer space and cover it up with a few layers of plastic. Now load this container into any box to make moving easy as pie.

Ensure Bottles Are Leakproof

Leakproof traveling is easy with a simple line of plastic wrap. Remove the caps from your bottles and cover them layer after layer of this durable, reliable material – securing it all together with rubber bands until you can't see any part that could leak liquid. Then stick on new lids to finish off the process! This hack will keep even liquids like shampoo or olive oil safe for travel.

Arrange Your Hardware

It's essential to take apart any large furniture like beds, dressers, and bookshelves before moving so you can pack them more easily. The good news is that this also makes it easier for us to move these items onto the truck. 

It's always a struggle to find those pesky screws, nuts, and bolts after you've taken apart something. To make the process easier next time, place all of them into one plastic bag, then affix that bag with saran wrap to your bed frame or piece of furniture.

Sealing Drawers

To transport furniture through the tight and winding hallways found in Manhattan, you often need a good sense of balance. It is well worth it when transporting larger pieces like tables or chairs but not so much with dressers with sliding drawers because they can sometimes fall off while tilting and turning them around corners.

A few layers of plastic wrap will quickly seal dressers and wardrobes. It would help if you wrapped all the drawers tightly in plastic so they can be transported without worrying about spills.

Secure Moving Blankets

To prevent furniture from being damaged during a move, utilize moving blankets. Of course, we always bring our own when it comes time to handle any relocation or storage job. But if you're renting a truck and don't have any available, ask your moving company of choice whether they can provide some at no extra cost.

To keep blankets in place during the move, you can secure them with cling wrap. That is simple enough to do by using a plastic wrap made specifically for moving. They are thicker and will hold up better than your average household variety of cling film or saran wrap. Cover furniture with a blanket, then overtop this layer twice-thick wrapping layers around them so that the pieces won't shift as much when being carried from one point to another.

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Eric Chandler
Moving Company Professional

Eric Chandler is a versatile entrepreneur with expertise in both writing and the moving industry. With years of experience as a writer, he has a talent for crafting engaging content on various subjects for major publications and online platforms. Eric also owns a successful moving company that provides reliable and efficient services to clients across the country. His extensive knowledge of the moving process, from packing to delivery, has earned him a reputation as a trustworthy moving expert.