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It usually takes a couple of days to plan for a corporate move. You only need to hire office movers to offer you the best deal and ensure quality. It can be challenging to move your office, whether it's a small or large office. In this case, professional office movers can plan the transfer of your business quickly and efficiently. You can move your office knowing that the top moving company in NYC will handle your essential office supplies. Abreu Movers Bronx is committed to providing businesses in the Bronx and greater NYC with swift, systematic moving services while maintaining exceptional customer service

You will always have a team with qualified relocation specialists at your side. We employ our corporate managers as supervisors to oversee the entire relocation process. This ensures efficiency, professionalism, and security. Our office movers will work around your schedule and offer services at times and days that are convenient for you. We are experienced in handling and packing valuable and sensitive corporate technology assets. Abreu Movers Bronx will take care of everything if your company is moving assets.

Tips for a Successful Relocation of Office

Relocating an office is exciting for any business but requires just as much effort as moving into a new house. Moving an office is a big job, regardless of how large your company is. The procedure does not have to be complicated for those in charge. Here are some important guidelines for negotiating your move to increase the chances of a quick and smooth transition.

Strategic Planning for Smooth Transitions

Office/commercial moves require meticulous organization and planning. Choose the date of the move and the length of the process before creating a schedule. Plan the layout of your office and shared areas using a customized moving plan and note any new requirements. Allocate extra hours to planning how to move your office furniture swiftly and with extra care. And don't forget about your budget for the single office move.

Clear Communication with Your Team

Communication with your employees is a crucial tip for workplace relocation. Inform your staff about the moving schedule and plans. Tell them about any changes to the business processes in the new location. This includes the new address and phone numbers as well as any new building codes. Talking to employees about the change can lift their spirits, even if it is upsetting.

Ask For Initial Quotes from Several Office Movers

Office moves can be expensive, so it's worth looking into a few others. A moving company will ensure that your office move goes smoothly. Moving companies have the knowledge, skills, and superb commercial moving service to ensure a smooth office move. Most of their professional movers have extensive experience and are equipped to do corporate relocation services for your business. 

Empower Staff to Manage Their Workspaces

Even if you are hiring a moving firm wherein you expect experienced office movers to do the bulk of the job, it will be helpful for everyone if they have their own space. Tell your team about the deadline to pack up their desks and encourage them to do it in small steps. This will prevent everyone from rushing to complete everything all at once.

They can ask the moving company to provide them with packing materials so they can pack their fragile items themselves and have a smooth corporate relocation process.

Preserving Data Integrity

During a move, anything could happen to your files and hardware. You could lose important documents due to damaged servers or hard drives. It is important to back up your data to avoid data loss or breaches during a transfer.

Designate a Move Coordinator

Even if the work is divided, it's important to assign a coordinator to oversee and facilitate each step. This position would be best filled by an administrative assistant. However, you could also select someone who has experience in business relocations. Team leaders should be able to multitask, possess excellent organizational skills, communicate effectively, and know budget management.

If your moving company offers storage services, you can utilize their commercial storage for your sensitive electronics and other heavy office items to ensure their safety during the whole commercial moving process.

Order New Business Cards And Envelopes

As soon as you have your new address, you can begin updating documents. You should also keep your clients informed, especially if you receive packages frequently. You'll be happier if you have your paperwork with you before you move than if it's not available.

Top Commercial Moving Company NYC

In business, time is money. When moving an office, only use the best office movers to ensure a stress-free and quick experience. Abreu Movers Bronx is able to plan any commercial move size in NYC. We can move a large holding or a small company with many employees. Commercial movers who are experienced, trained, and certified will handle your company's belongings. Each move is treated as unique, and we create a strategy to meet your needs.

Our trucks are of varying sizes, so we can provide the highest quality services. At the same time, you receive a reasonable rate. When planning a corporate relocation, the budget of the company is considered. Most importantly, all movers have insurance. The client is not required to pay an extra fee.

A seamless and effective switchover will cause minimal disruptions to your business.

By carefully planning and executing the transfer, you can avoid losses and downtime and maintain the normal office schedule. Even if your office move is urgent, we can handle it in less than 24 hrs.

Our NYC office movers will quickly set up the most important items in your inventory in your new location so that you can begin operating immediately. We also offer custom services to expedite the move.

With us, you can be assured of a seamless, smooth transition. Abreu Movers Bronx is by your side throughout the entire moving process. We have always been distinguished from other commercial movers in New York City and even the surrounding area by our dedication. You can count on our prices to delight you. There are many positive testimonials that show our company is a reliable partner for corporate moves. Contact us now to arrange a professional move of your office.


What is the cost of moving my office?

The size of your office, its distance, and if you need any extra services will determine the cost of a move. We provide competitive rates, and an estimate can be provided upon request.

What are the hours of your operation?

We are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 9pm, and on Saturday and Sunday we are open from 9am to 7pm. Our hours may vary depending upon the nature of the work. We can provide services after hours and on weekends.

Could you help us move our office?

Yes! Yes! Our team of highly-trained professionals will safely and properly pack your office items to ensure they arrive at their new location without damage.

Are you offering any specials or discounts?

Yes! We run many promotions and discounts all year round. You can check our websites for discounts or call us for a more smooth transaction.

What services are included in your package?

We offer a wide range of services, including packing services, transportation, unpacking and furniture assembly, furniture disassembly, furniture installation, and setup, office relocation services as well as debris removal. 

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