Calculate Your Moving Costs: The Ultimate Moving Cost Estimates

Moving can be stressful, and one of the biggest challenges is figuring out how much it will cost. If you're planning a move, you're likely searching for a reliable and affordable moving company. However, before you decide, it's crucial to have a clear idea of what your move will cost. 

That's where our ultimate moving cost estimates come in. This article gives a detailed, accurate estimate of what you can expect to pay when hiring a moving company. So, if you're ready to take the stress out of moving.

How Much Do Movers Cost?

A local move costs, on average, $1250. The average long-distance move costs $4,890. (Distance is 1,000 miles). These estimates are based upon a move of about 7,500 pounds for a two- to three-bedroom home.

Local Move Cost

Moving from one area to another, or even a nearby city? This is considered a local relocation. Local moves range in price from as little as $501 for an apartment with a single room to upwards of $2,988 for a house with four or more bedrooms. The cost of moving depends on your house size and the number of items you need to move.

Studio-1 Bedroom 2-3 Bedroom 4-5 Bedroom
$501 – $985 $966 – $1,733 $1,941 – $2,988

Cost of Movers per Hour

The cost of choosing a firm offering labor for local relocation often ranges between $38 and $75 per mover per hour. Two movers working four hours each will cost approximately $424. The table below shows the average cost of moving (based on the size of the home and the hourly rate per mover of $53).

Home Size # of Movers #of Hours Average Total Cost
Studio 2 2 $212
1-Bedroom 2 4 $424
2-Bedroom 3 6 $954
3-Bedroom 4 7 $1,484
4-Bedroom 4 9 $1,908
5-Bedroom 5 12 $3,180

Long-Distance Moving Cost

The cost of long-distance moves is higher because moving companies must factor in the gas price, tolls, and driver compensation. Costs for long-distance moves can vary from $1,123 up to $14,107, depending on the number of miles and size of your move.

# of Miles Studio-1 Bedroom 2-3 Bedroom 4-5 Bedroom
250 $1,123 – $2,260 $2,272 – $4,343 $4,137 – $5,553
1000+ $1,442 – $3,024 $3,145- $5,958 $6,378 – $10,002
2500+ $1,920 – $4,272 $4,236 – $8,546 $9,546 – $14,107

How to Calculate Moving Costs

How much will moving cost? Let us know where you are moving to and the new address of your home. 

The Factors That Affect Your Moving Cost

Remember all the necessary moving and extra costs when calculating your moving costs. Included in this are:

Travel fees: can quickly add up when moving long distances. These fees include fuel and labor costs to move from A to B.

Size of your move: How big is your move? Are you moving a lot of things? The move will take longer, and your belongings will be heavier. Costs can increase as a result. The more items you need to move, the higher the cost.

Packing services: While it is convenient to hire movers to pack your possessions, you may end up paying an additional few hundred dollars or more. Hiring packers is worth it because you save time, energy, and hassle by not having to pack your home.

Add-on services: Any additional services you decide to include will affect the cost of your move. The movers may provide moving supplies such as felt pads, mattress bags, or stretch wraps.

Storage: In the event of a complex move, a moving company can store or hold all your belongings during, before, or after the move. Be prepared to pay a premium for this service. Ask about the specifics. Storage rates can vary greatly from one moving company to another.

Moving supplies: If you can't find enough boxes for free, you must purchase moving supplies. This could include cardboard boxes and plastic bins. It can also include packing paper, bubble wrap, or any other materials you need for your move. Check out our Moving Box Calculator to find the supplies you need.

Moving date: Remember that your move date is as important as what you do. The date you choose for your move will affect the cost. A weekend move or a move in peak season will cost more than one made during the weekday and off-season.

Liability coverage and valuation coverage: If you use a moving service, you will likely have to purchase liability coverage. Moving companies typically offer two levels of protection: Basic Release Value and Full Value. Consider purchasing additional moving insurance through a third-party provider.

Other Moving Costs to Consider

You may need to pay more for these extra services or add-ons, depending on the needs of your move.

Specialty Moving: Moving specialty products often require special materials and skills. You will pay extra if you have to move something special, like a piano or hot tub.

Long carry fee: You may be charged a “long carry” fee if a mover must transport household goods to and from a moving truck. This fee is charged when a moving van cannot park near your home.

Stair carry charge: this fee is charged when movers are required to carry items up and down multiple flights of stairs. This is usually only required when a home has multiple floors or a higher-than-average number of stairs.

Elevator Fee: An elevator fee may apply if you need an elevator to move (think of a high-rise apartment building).

Unpacking Service: Do you need help unpacking and cleaning up your supplies and debris or removing them from the house? Movers may charge a fee to perform this lengthy service.

Shuttle fee: Some moving companies offer shuttle services for transporting belongings from and to the moving truck. This service is needed when a moving truck cannot park close to the house. If your home is in an area where there are no parking spaces, you might need a shuttle service to move items from the house to the moving truck.

Storage: Do you need storage before or during your move? Short-term, long term and transit storage services will cost extra.

Extra stops: Expect to pay more if the mover has to make additional stops. The number of stoppages determines the cost, the distance traveled, and the labor required. A mover might stop at your storage unit and pick up your items before delivering them to your new house.

Expedited delivery services: Need to move quickly? Moving long distances can take two weeks. You may need to pay more for expedited shipping if you want items delivered quickly.

Tipping: Tipping is not required, but it's always appreciated. This is a nice way to thank someone for a job done. Keep cash handy if you're planning to tip your moving company.

10 Easy Ways to Cut Moving Costs

Want to save some money on your next relocation? There are a few easy ways to reduce costs when moving into a new house.

  1. Removing excess items: The simplest way to save on moving costs is to eliminate unwanted household items. Clean out your closet to start the purging process. Next, create a decluttering strategy for each room. Donate unwanted furniture, clothing, and trinkets. Consigning, holding a garage or yard sale, or listing items on Craigslist are all options if you want to sell your stuff. Check out our guide on how to purge your stuff before moving.
  2. Rent a moving van: Are you considering a DIY move? You can save thousands of dollars by renting a moving truck and transferring your things yourself. Renting a 26-foot truck from a reputable rental company is a good option for moving large households. These large trucks can hold four bedrooms or more. 
  3. Enlist friends and family to help: Ask friends and relatives for help. Unless you are willing to pay for professional moving services or labor assistance, ask your friends and loved ones for help. Be sure to inform them beforehand if you need their help. Be sure they can lift heavy boxes and appliances.
  4. Free moving supplies and boxes: One way to reduce moving costs is by finding free boxes at local stores such as liquor stores, supermarkets, large chains, offices, schools, and recycling drop-off locations. Free supplies can be found on Craigslist and other sites such as Freecycle, U-Haul Box Exchange, or Nextdoor.com. 
  5. Rent a moving container: Renting a moving container can be a great alternative to hiring full-service movers. Renting a portable moving box depends on how long you need it for and what size container you choose. The container company will handle the rest. All you need to do is fill it with your belongings. PODS, ABF's U-Pack ReloCubes, and United Mayflower's container are popular moving companies such as U-Haul's U-Boxes and 1-800-PACK-RAT. 
  6. Consider moving discounts: AAA members may qualify for special discounts on moving and storage. Atlas Van Lines, for example, offers AAA members free Full Value protection when moving to a different state. Military members may also be eligible for discounts on moving companies and truck rentals.
  7. Pack yourself: You can save a lot of money by packing yourself. Although many professional movers provide some form of packing assistance, it is costly. The cost of packing varies from one moving company to another but is always at least several hundred bucks. If you want to save money, pack yourself or ask friends and family for help.
  8. Select a cheaper move date: When you decide to move, it can have a significant impact on the cost of your move. It's generally best to move mid-month and mid-week. It's usually when the demand for moving services is at its lowest and costs are lower. Moving on the weekend is convenient, but there are only a few weekends per year, and customers will compete for those dates. If you can miss one day of work, it is worth doing. Remember, too, that people tend to move more during the summer. Around 70 percent of all moves occur between Memorial Day to Labor Day. Try to avoid moving during the peak moving season. To save money, consider moving in the late fall or winter.
  9. Get quotes from several movers: Before you hire a moving company, make sure to shop around and find the best deal. At least three moving companies should be contacted for quotes. Before giving you a quotation, the mover should conduct an in-person or video inspection of your possessions. Do not trust online quotes. To get the best quote, ensure the moving company knows all special items that need extra care. 
  10. Find out if your moving expenses are tax-deductible: Keep your receipts to see if you can deduct moving costs from your taxes. You should be able to deduct your donations to charities if you made them before moving. This change will remain in effect until at least 2025. You can no longer claim the deduction on your federal tax return. There are some exceptions if you need to amend an old return before the tax reform or are a military member. You can use an IRS tool to see if your moving costs are deductible.


Planning to move can be an overwhelming and stressful task, especially when it comes to determining the moving costs. However, with Abreu Movers Brooklyn, you can access the ultimate moving cost estimates to help you plan and budget effectively.

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What is the cost of moving?

An experienced mover should cost you at least $1,000. A local relocation typically costs $1250, whereas a long-distance transfer often costs $4,890. Numerous variables, such as the distance traveled, the weight of your possessions when you move, and labor charges, will affect the cost of moving.

How much does valuation coverage cost?

All interstate movers are required by federal law to provide their clients with Released Value and Full Value Protection. Ask your moving company about the cost of Full Protection. Your move's cost includes the most basic liability level, Released Value Protection. This basic coverage covers 60 cents for every pound of an item. This type of coverage is not only free but it's also considered to be the minimum. For those who want a more comprehensive policy, Full Value Protection is the best option. If the mover damages or loses an item, they must replace it or reimburse the current cash value.

How can you reduce your moving costs?

Moving is expensive. There are several ways to reduce moving costs. There are many ways to reduce moving costs. These include removing unnecessary items, using moving discounts, selecting a cheaper date, and packing everything yourself. It's also important to get moving quotes from several movers before you hire a company to transport your items. You can compare moving estimates to get the best price.

What if you only need to move a single piece of furniture?

You're better off moving for small moves or using a moving box, or a rental truck. No matter how small the move, you'll have to pay a minimum for most full-service movers. Hiring full-service moving companies is not the best choice if you want to save money for a small move.

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