How Much Does It Cost to Move a Shed: A Quick Guide

You will need a professional to move a shed, no matter what. The cost shouldn't be a shock.

They will then be able to lift the shed and place it onto a tow truck. Then they can transport it to its new location. If you try to move the shed yourself, it will likely cause damage to its structure. It may even collapse. It is also possible to get injured when moving a shed. This is why it's best to leave this job to the experts.

How Much Will It Cost to Move My Shed?

You can expect to pay between $250 and $650 to hire a professional to move a shed with medium dimensions within a 50-mile radius. These costs will increase the larger the shed. The cost of moving a shed depends on the distance. It can range from $1 to $5 per mile for longer distances.

Online, you can get several free quotes from licensed and reputable contractors.

A member of an online forum stated that he could move a 10-by-16-foot shed from one side of town to the other for less than $125. Many participants in the same forum paid less than $400 for their shed to be moved.

On another forum, a specialist mentioned that he used to charge $200 for moving a small shed within 25 miles.

The price ranged from $335 to $545, depending on the size. As an example, the cost to move a 10×12 shed would be $545 within 20 miles. However, prices will depend on access, site issues, size, type, and possible problems with the shed. The cost of each additional mile is around $3.

How to Move a Shed

Prices are minimal as long as the shed has a sturdy base and can be easily positioned on a flatbed vehicle. If the shed isn't secured to a solid concrete foundation or the base isn't strong, costs will rise because more work and preventative steps are required.

During this process, the shed is raised using jacks to ensure it can be loaded onto a flatbed truck. Some relocating companies can raise the shed using a crane and a winch in a difficult area. After securing it to the trailer, it will be moved to the new site, lowered, and leveled.

How Big a Shed Can You Move?

Before you start, you must remember that you can move a shed no matter its size, provided you consider all the other factors. Moving companies may have maximum lengths and widths for the objects they want to list. The shed moving company you hire will determine the size and shape of your shed.

Permits are also required for larger sheds. According to city law, you can only move items up to a certain height and width on public roads. If you want to move something larger, you'll need a permit. The cost of moving large sheds is higher, and the permit may also be more expensive than one for a smaller shed.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a 10×12 Shed?

It will be about the size of a small storage shed. A 10×12 shed being moved within a short distance, or even in the same yard, shouldn't cost more than $400. Some companies will not charge more than 150 dollars to move a shed 10×12, but others may charge more.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a 12×16 Shed?

Most of the time, the cost to move a shed 12×16, considered medium size, should be at most $600. You should spend at least $300 for such a job. The average cost to move a 12×16 shed is usually between $350 and 400 dollars.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a 12×20 Shed?

You should be aware that a shed that measures 12×20 is typically larger. You'll need a permit if you want to move your shed. This will also increase the cost of moving this shed compared to smaller ones. You can expect to pay between $550-$750 for local moves, but it's common for companies to charge more. Compare quotes, particularly if your shed is large.

What Are the Additional Costs of Moving a Shed?

  • You will likely have to pay a mileage charge of $1 to $3 for moving the shed more than 30 miles.
  • A flag vehicle will need to accompany large sheds. Also, a wide-load authorization will be needed, increasing the costs.
  • The cost of removing ramps can range from $25 to $50.
  • The cost of moving a shed can be increased by $50 to $75 if you need to use skids.
  • The price quoted by most specialists is based on how long they estimate it will take to complete the job. Depending on the service provider's policy, a surcharge could be applied if the work exceeds the per-hour estimate.
  • Extra costs may appear if you need a license to remove or replace the shed.

Tips to Remember

  • Consider contacting your local towing company to know who to contact when moving a shed. Many of these companies in the locality can move sheds all over town. You can also contact local retailers who sell storage sheds. You can also get some helpful advice from them.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the height. The height of the shed may be an issue if the driver must drive under power lines or bridges. Many companies will not move a shed higher than 10'6”.
  • Always check that the specialist is certified and offers warranties before you choose them. If something happens to your shed while in their care, you can get it repaired for free.
  • To save time, prepare your shed before the shed movers arrive.
  • You must accompany the moving companies and explain exactly where they should place the shed.

How Can I Find a Local Shed Moving Service?

You can search online for someone nearby who could recommend moving professionals like movers in Brooklyn. You can filter your results by including the name or location of your city. Remember that anyone can create a professional-looking website. Before you hire anyone, ask them for their certifications, if they're insured, and if they have any previous job photos.

How Can I Save Some Money?

Always get two to five estimates before choosing a company. As mentioned earlier, you can find local contractors by checking online. However, Yelp reviews are a must.

Ask yourself if moving the shed is worthwhile. It may be better to purchase a new shed than to move the old one if you have to pay extra.

You can move a shed independently if you have friends who will help you. If you decide to take this route, ensure you have all the necessary tools and manpower. A DIY is the best option if you only move a small distance. It will also save you money.


Moving a shed requires expertise, proper equipment, and careful planning to avoid damage or injuries. The cost of moving a shed will depend on various factors such as size, distance, accessibility, and permits. It is best to compare quotes from licensed and reputable contractors and read their reviews before deciding. 

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