The New York City Utility Set-Up Guide

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Getting everything set up in a new apartment can be a challenge. You might not have electricity or gas, and you'll need water. The time it takes for these services to turn on varies depending on where you live. To avoid any significant problems with your utilities while transitioning into an unfamiliar place, take care of all this before moving day by following our guide:


The ingenuity of Thomas Edison has changed the world. In 1883, New York City became the first metropolitan to have a centralized electric distribution system, and now it's hard not to imagine NYC without electricity!

Con Edison (Asides from the Rockaways, serves all five boroughs)

If you're a New Yorker, Con Edison likely provides your power. The company has more than 94 thousand miles of underground cable and 34 thousand mile transmission lines pumping electricity to homes and businesses to serve its NYC customers. The ever-increasing variety of energy sources used in providing this service includes wind and solar power.

The Public Service Enterprise Group (Queens and Rockaway Peninsula only)

The Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) provides power across the entire Rockaway Peninsula. Con Edison, which serves all five boroughs of NYC, does not service this area; 34,000 customers in the Rockaways get their electricity from PSEG. Those who wish to start or transfer electric services in that region can visit the PSEG site.


Gas is a primary source of heating and cooking for many New Yorkers. In New York City, there are two natural gas providers to choose from.

Con Edison (Manhattan, Bronx, Northern Queens)

Con Edison is a company that provides electric and natural gas service. They provide this to Manhattan, the Bronx, and Northern Queens in New York City. We recommend them because they offer convenience if you use their services for your electricity needs and your heating ones.

The National Grid (Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens)

National Grid is a multinational corporation that provides electricity and natural gas to the UK and parts of the northeastern US. National Grid has provided service for over 100 years in New York City by providing customers with reliable energy during each season. Visit here if you're interested in creating a new plan or updating your current one.


NYC Department of Environmental Protection (All five boroughs)

If you are a renter living in New York City, your landlord may be paying for the water bills. However, if you're an owner or otherwise need to set up services with NYC's Department of Environmental Protection, their customer service page is a great place to start.

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