Where Can I Buy Moving Boxes In Bronx, NY?

Place To Purchase a Box For Your Move

So where can I buy moving boxes? In New York, people looking for top-quality moving boxes have plenty of choices. Moving companies such as Abreu Movers, a moving company located in Bronx, New York, usually provide boxes for free or at a minimal cost. Abreu Movers has a full-service moving box store that provides delivery for the client seeking speedy, convenient delivery or even packing services. Further, Abreu Movers is a one stop shop and has a vast collection of packing boxes for NY moving. They can provide several boxes packing supplies, new york box, accommodate the packing process, determine how many boxes you'll need, do custom packing, offer moving kits, provide quality packing supplies, affordable packing boxes, alternative packing material, art gallery packing supplies, custom crates, custom wood crates, bubble cushioning, bubble cushion wrap, box-sealing tape such as a Duct tape, bubble wrap, sticker, staples, packing paper & more.

Importance of choosing the right boxes and moving supplies

The basic reason for this is so you can move conveniently and in a cost-effective manner in new york or a new location. Here it is important to determine how many moving boxes you will need, whether you'd need heavy-duty boxes, specialty boxes, a moving kit, storage services, or moving services as these will keep your stuff safe and avoid any unwanted damages.

These things will just help you more than you can expect, such as saving more cash, space, time, and effort and protecting your well-valued pieces of stuff.

Choose The Right Moving Boxes

Moving boxes aren't identical, and they certainly aren't like boxes used for other purposes. Everyone who moves will require different boxes to ensure their items are safe. Nevertheless, buying packing boxes from a reputable moving company will still give you the most benefit. To help you decide on your project checklist, below are the types of boxes that you might need to help you create an action plan for your move.

Different Types of Moving Boxes

These are the most frequently accessible moving boxes that are best suitable for the items included in your moving inventory. This list aims to give you a good plan of approach, whether your plans involve packing musical Instruments, wrapping things around your college dorm, packing glass figurines, securing an extensive collection of your hobbies, or things that need special attention.


Book boxes are possibly the most prevalent sort of moving box. They are slightly smaller than a standard mover (normally 12×18). Book boxes are great for storing tiny, heavy objects including CDs, books, records, DVDs, periodicals, papers, pictures, cleaning supplies, and bathroom necessities. You can place very heavy stuff (such as weights) inside this box, but make sure it isn't so heavy that the bottom breaks off. For example, two 20-pound weights and a couple of towels will suffice; but, anything over 50 pounds is too heavy for the box and mover. Spices, wine bottles, silverware, and food items can all be stored in these boxes. Cover the base of the container with packing paper when packing wine bottles. Then, using packing sheets, place the bottles in a stand and keep them apart from one another and the box's walls.


A Wardrobe moving boxes is a special box that hangs clothes. It is four feet high and has an upper bar to hold the hangers. Wardrobe boxes can also store large odd-shaped objects, like oversized cushions, ironing boards, and large stuffed animals and umbrellas. Do not fill the box with shelves made of wood and heavy items as it will be difficult to move.


China Boxes are double-corrugated, exceptionally strong boxes ideal for fragile objects. They are slightly larger than linen containers (18x18x27) to accommodate all of the packaging materials used to protect the fragile items. Initially, it's a massive box made of thick, heavy cardboard. As a result, make sure you don't pack it too tightly. Lamps for tables, miniature statues, little frames, jugs, bowls, other small things, electronic equipment, and anything else that is fragile should fit in these China boxes.


The linen box is one of the bigger storage better suited to big but light objects. Linen containers can be utilized in various ways, such as for pots, pans, and containers made of plastic. The ideal method is to mix them to ensure that the box is not overly heavy. It is also ideal for filling the gaps between the containers with packaging paper or towels to keep the sound (like broken dishes- a very unpleasant sound during a moving morning) or scrap the paint. Above the edge of the container, Linens, folded clothing, and shoes must be packed and placed. Once also, ensure that the box isn't heavy to support its weight.


A Cardboard box is composed of paperboard, which is a stiff material made by combining and pressing together multiple layers of paper or paper pulp. The most common type of cardboard box is the brown corrugated box. These boxes are composed of corrugated fiberboard, which is composed of fluted corrugated cardboard with one or two flat linen boards on the sides.

Moving Boxes/Packing Supplies Alternatives

If you don't want to use moving boxes, consider using reusable moving containers. Moving businesses sell moving boxes. Contact them to find out how much they will cost you. Reusable crates outperform regular cardboard boxes in terms of strength and durability.

When you don't have much to move, you can also use plastic luggage or containers. Plastic containers for household items can also be found at any retailer, including Bed Bath & Beyond.

Locate Free Moving Boxes in the Bronx.

You may instead make use of some free boxes instead! This might make your relocation less expensive and more ecologically friendly!
If you often shop online, keep the large boxes that were used to package them and repurpose them to help you move.

Keep any bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or other protective items you find because they can be used as moving equipment. Make sure they are in good condition to avoid causing damage to your belongings (especially if they are heavy-duty things that demand special attention!). Furthermore, if you're planning a long-distance move, you need be extra cautious while selecting the suitable boxes, as your belongings may break in transit.

You can also search the basement of your building to see if someone has left any boxes. If you work or live in an office building, chances are the maintenance team has boxes stored there.

Make sure that your local stores have any boxes available. Ask whether any of your local grocery stores, liquor stores, drugstores, or retail stores receive shipments in cardboard boxes and if they'd be willing to share them with you.

Another option is to check Craigslist, Nextdoor, or any other local ad website to see if anyone has any extra boxes they'd be willing to lend you. Extra boxes and packing materials are easily obtained if you live in the Bronx or the larger New York City area.

If you need a specific size box, ask a store that sells the item if a box may be reserved for you. (For beds, contact a local mattress store; for book boxes, visit an online book store; for flat screens, visit an online store, and so on.)

Other tips:

Get rid of Boxes you don't need out of your workplace

If your workplace is one where you always have boxes moving and going, take a few of them down and bring the boxes back home.

If you are creative and imagine new ways to save money, you will be able to save by reusing moving supplies. If you're still in need of some boxes that are unique such as dish barrels to help pack your kitchen or a TV box to move the flat-screen TV, contact Abreu Movers! They can provide moving supplies to help you safely pack your belongings to move. You can also employ them to pack your items!


In moving, your choice of a good store matters. As moving is a very challenging task, it is still ideal to choose a company with a good experience that could help you have a good plan of approach. It is also recommended that they provide you with quality packing supplies, handle the task well; thus a reliable service, give utmost care to keep your belongings safe at all times.

Abreu Movers is one of your keys on hand to take on that daunting task. Whether you're moving to your new dream apartment, across apartment buildings, or to a new office, you can never go wrong with them. They have with them a professional customer care team supervised by expert customer care executives to ensure that your needs are well accommodated near perfection. Further, they can also provide freight transport or box delivery, same-day delivery, crate rental for a custom wood crate, or custom-made crates, in case you need some. For more information, you can visit their website at www.abreumovers.com or visit them physically at 880 Thieriot Ave, Bronx, NY 10473. You may also call them at 347-427-5228.

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