Moving Matters: Distinguishing Between Residential and Commercial Moves

Navigating the world of moving can often feel like an intricate maze. It can get overwhelming with various types of moves and numerous details. Among the array of moving categories, two types stand out—residential and commercial. While they may seem similar on the surface, there are striking differences between these two types. 

Here, we will delve deep into the nuances of both types of moves, unraveling their key distinctions. Whether you're planning to change your home base or move your business, this guide is designed to give you the clarity needed to plan a seamless and successful move. Let's embark on this enlightening journey together.

What Are the Differences Between a Residential Move and a Commercial Move?

Although a move is similar to a commercial move, they have little in common. Their similarities begin and end with moving things. These two types of moving are very different. We will look at some of the differences between residential and commercial moves.

Residential Moves

Relocating home can be a straightforward process if managed properly. It involves finding a new home and transferring belongings from the old to the new location. This process might include packing and disassembling furniture, tasks that can be handled either by you or a professional moving company. The moving company carries the heavy lifting, which includes loading and unloading possessions on and off the truck and, if specified, unpacking your boxes and getting rid of packing material afterward. 

Even on short notice, residential moving can be well-handled if planned appropriately. The residential moving cost is usually based on the number of movers required and the hours of labor involved. However, consider that additional charges might apply for services like packing and unpacking. 

For those larger and heavier items or delicate pieces that are challenging to move, relying on professional movers can make a difference. Their expertise and access to necessary equipment can make the process significantly easier and worry-free.

Commercial Moves

Commercial moves are based on many basic principles that apply to residential moves but at a much larger scale. This can range from a small storefront or office to a large factory or corporate office. A commercial move is much more complicated than a residential one since delays can affect business operations.

Few Factors Unique to Commercial Moves:

Commercial Moves Require More Planning

It's important to plan when moving a company. Business owners must choose a time and date with the least impact on their day-to-day operations. They should also inform employees of the move well in advance.

You may need to invest in special equipment or hire many people, depending on the size of your company. You may need hand trucks, toe jacks, and forklifts to move large or heavy items. A professional moving company can handle large items, such as furniture and machinery, with skill.

Many commercial movers offer their services around the clock. This allows business owners to plan the move according to their schedule. You can schedule overnight or weekend moves to avoid disruptions during business hours.

Businesses May Have Sensitive Materials

Your sensitive information and materials are likely to be limited when it comes time to move your home. Pack your laptop and tablet into a bag you can carry, along with your passport, birth record, tax documents, and other private documents. Many items need to be considered when moving a company.

Commercial moves include transporting financial records, employee documents, company paperwork, and more. Computers and servers are also used by businesses to store sensitive data. Data protection laws in the United States require businesses always to protect sensitive information. This includes when moving.

Due to the sensitive nature of the equipment and data being transported, ensure your commercial mover uses a thorough vetting procedure for its movers. This may include background checks or reviewing employee references.

Electronic Equipment Is Used in Commercial Moves

Residential movers have mastered the art of safely moving microwaves, televisions, and computers from one home to another. Commercial movers must do the same with a wide range of electronic equipment.

The electronic equipment used in the office can be anything from desktop computers and monitors to photocopiers or entire IT departments. The office may include electronic devices like vending machines, coffee machines, and refrigerators.

When planning your move, your commercial moving company will inventory large and fragile electronic items.

Heavy Lifting Is Involved

Moving large items is for more than just photocopiers and vending machines. This can also include office furniture like desks and chair for many businesses. Large equipment and machinery will be needed to move in factories, manufacturing, and warehouses.

Commercial movers use special equipment to move large, awkward, or heavy items out of your building and into the new one. These movers are insured and knowledgeable to move your items safely.

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Both residential and commercial moves have their own sets of unique challenges and requirements. While the former is more personal and emotional, the latter demands meticulous precision to ensure minimal disruption to business operations. Acknowledging these differences and hiring movers specializing in your specific type of move is paramount.

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