Why Hire Commercial Movers in Bronx, NY?

Why Hire Commercial Movers in Bronx, NY? Hiring commercial movers is crucial when relocating your store or office building's properties to a new location. This is so because they have the expertise and equipment to complete the task quickly and effectively. However, you need to be very careful when hiring commercial moving services as there are many fraudulent companies posing as genuine service providers.

Suppose you're in search of commercial movers. In that case, it is crucial to select a company that has worked with your specific type of business, such as Abreu Movers. Also, it would help if you had a firm that has the skill and is capable of handling the scale and size of your move that is reputable. This article will provide you reasons why you should hire commercial movers.

Benefits of hiring commercial movers:

Reduce the time that businesses are offline

Hiring commercial movers to do the job allows your employees in their respective offices to concentrate on their daily tasks with little disruption, instead of going on regular business and taking up precious business hours on packing boxes and moving furniture.

In the process of moving, the hassle may influence morale and create feelings of anger, leading to a rise in unproductiveness. It also puts your business or offices at risk financially and legally when you rely on employees to assist with moving offices. This is where a commercial mover will take its role.

In moving equipment, it is, at times, inevitable that accidents can happen. Employees might fall, get injured, and strain their muscles which would eventually make them seek out from the business owner some sort of compensation.

Further, as a result, that expensive equipment could be damaged, which can only increase your financial burden and even reduce the productivity of your offices or business. So it is still best to resort to the help of a commercial mover to minimize your risk.

Stress-Free Moving

Moving your business is an extremely stressful experience.

Suppose you select Abreu Movers for your business or offices transfer. In that case, you can allow your employees to concentrate on their job instead of stressing about the move. Finding the right professional with the right tools ensures your move is easy and painless.

Certified Movers are trained

Employing a moving company will allow you to directly work with highly skilled and experienced professionals.

They are expert movers who have the know-how and possess all the moving equipment necessary to secure and take care of your belongings. They will transport all of your furniture and the entire office, no matter its size, efficiently and efficiently feasible. Here, a client would expect the utmost care to be devoted to such a moving process.

With a knowledgeable team on the other side of you, be at ease knowing that everything will run smoothly.

Careful In Handling Your Equipment

Professional moving services offer the ability and expertise to transfer valuable items like laptops, desktop computers, printers, fax machines, and fax machines safely and effectively. These businesses understand how to safeguard the safety of your office equipment while it is being delivered safely and securely.

It saves you money and time

Hiring help from experts will save you money. How can that be possible? Let's look at the cost of moving your properties by yourself:

  • Certainly, you would need to get a moving van to transport your office furniture and equipment.
  • You'll need to purchase the packing and moving materials.
  • It is possible to purchase or hire tools for disassembling office furniture (i.e., cubicles).
  • You'd be spending hours packing, cleaning, and moving, all of which will result in precious business hours and productivity.
  • Overworked employees can become frustrated and, in the end, less productive.
  • Moving your business yourself is financially draining, but it could significantly impact your business downtime. It's not a secret that this can affect your business's bottom line.

A professional moving company typically offers an affordable package that will meet your requirements and cover all of the above costs.

Fortunately, most commercial movers are very accommodating and you can request from them an accurate estimate that best fits your budget. These movers can work within your budget, saving money, time, and energy! They would also give you a fair estimate that would ensure the best out of your buck.

It's easier on your employees.

As previously mentioned, hiring the help of a professional company that has the skill can ease the load off of your employees that are already exhausted. This will give them minimal disruption despite the business relocation.

Moving is an exhausting job and not an easy business, mentally and physically. Every employee is indeed responsible for the task of packing their desks, wrapping up their office equipment, and its heavy lifting. However, aside from the fact that they dont have the right equipment for the task, they shouldn't be required to clean up the entire area when it's not part of their job description or part of the monthly payment.

Although some employees might be willing to assist, it's still unwise for your company.

This is also to avoid personal injuries, equipment damage, furniture damage, or missing inventory while a transfer to a new location is ongoing.

Professional Movers are Insured

The majority of commercial buildings have an insurance policy. Most often than not, they require that the buildings have full-value insurance against damages and that the moving company carry Workers' Compensation. Thus, in case of damages, you will be compensated as there is insurance protection. Also, most professional moving services providers have a license; hence, you can trust them for your move.

On the other hand, this is not the case with non-professional or unlicensed moving company services providers who, do not have any insurance options or offer full-value insurance.

Moreover, in a worst-case scenario, they may even damage your items during the process of moving and, thus, you will have no legal recourse against them in case they failed to render sufficient care for the job.

Systematic Process

One of the benefits of hiring commercial movers for your business or office transfer is the systematic expertise they provide during the moving procedure.

If you hire commercial movers, they'll already have a plan in place for getting your company from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible. This ensures that a client's time is respected and that the highest level of care is provided throughout the transfer process.

When you're a business owner with a lot of work to do and are feeling stressed, hiring professional movers who can handle the weight of the lifting is a fantastic option.

 Moving without losing anything

You might not be in a position to track all the details during your business relocation. A professional moving company can ensure that nothing gets overlooked.

Through their years of experience and exceptional knowledge, moving companies in Abreu Movers will keep an eye on anything to prevent missing any items.


The relocation of your company, no matter if it's a tiny mom-and-pop store or a large corporation, is a huge task. It is ideal and important to have the right professionals or office movers on your side. Moving computers, phones, office equipment, furniture, and employees and ensuring business continuity when moving your building properties or offices can be challenging and daunting. Your business is your source of income, and every move you make is a vital part of the business. Moving your home demands an extensive amount to plan and coordinate, relocation of offices or a business requires special skills, which may not be present in every commercial moving company.

Abreu Movers – Bronx Moving Companies offers a wide variety of moving services such as commercial moving. They also can also provide free quotes for your moving estimate. For more info, you can visit their website at www.abreumovers.com or visit them physically at 880 Thieriot Ave, Bronx, NY 10473. You may also call them via 347-427-5228.


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